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Standard Kitchen Size And Dimensions | Modular Kitchen Dimension | 12 Perfect Kitchen Dimensions

Modular kitchen designs are in trend but do you know the standard kitchen size and dimensions of a kitchen? This standard size of kitchen will help to optimise the kitchen according to comfort and will provide the best ergonomics for one to work.

For making a perfect modular kitchen for your home one has to know the standard size and dimension of important kitchen elements. The main part of any kitchen is the kitchen platform and service platform. The height of the kitchen counter for preparation and cooking is important.

What makes a modular kitchen great is kitchen storage and cabinets. The proper size and dimensions of a kitchen should also be known. A kitchen triangle for efficient kitchen working is also equally important.

Every important detail for a standard kitchen size and kitchen dimensions is explained in detail in this post.

Standard Kitchen Size and Dimensions

Ergonomics and efficiency is the key element of a modular kitchen. There are some important kitchen sizes and kitchen dimensions for efficient kitchen layout and kitchen ergonomic.

Kitchen should be sufficient enough to house kitchen cabinets and utilities like a fridge, oven, grinder, etc. Thus kitchen should have minimum standard size for a comfortable kitchen experience.

The kitchen should be a minimum of 5 feet wide and 8 feet in length to have a proper kitchen. The standard kitchen size is 8 feet X 10 feet.

Minimum Kitchen Size = 5 feet X 8 feet

Standard Kitchen Size = 8 feet X 10 feet

Standard Kitchen Size
Standard Kitchen Size

The kitchen should be of certain suitable dimensions. Kitchens are generally in rectangular layouts and not square layouts for efficient use of space. Some of the most used kitchen dimensions are as follows.

  1. 7 feet X 4 feet
  2. 8 feet X 5 feet
  3. 10 feet X 8 feet
  4. 12 feet X 8 feet

Some of the key standard kitchen sizes and kitchen dimensions are as follows.

  1. Kitchen countertop height
  2. Depth of kitchen platform
  3. Kitchen wall cabinet height
  4. Depth of overhead cabinets
  5. Depth of under-counter cabinets
  6. Width of upper and lower cabinets
  7. Size of kitchen sink
  8. Kitchen utility dimensions like refrigerator and microwave
  9. Kitchen triangle
  10. Kitchen chimney size
  11. Distance between stove and chimney

Each of the above kitchen points are explained in detail for kitchen size and dimensions. Summary of important standard kitchen sizes and dimensions are as follows:

Kitchen ElementsStandard Size in InchesStandard size in feetStandard Size in mm
Minimum Kitchen size60″ X 96″5 feet X 8 feet1524 X 2438 mm
Standard Kitchen Size96″ X 120″8 feet X 10 feet2438 X 3048 mm
Standard Kitchen Countertop Height32 inches2.67 feet813 mm
Standard Kitchen Preparation Counter Height34 inches2.83 feet864 mm
Standard Kitchen Cooking Platform Height32 inches2.67 feet813 mm
Standard Kitchen Wall Cabinet Height56 inches4.67 feet1422 mm
Depth of under-counter cabinet24 inches2 feet610 mm
Standard width of double door cabinet36 inches3 feet915 mm
Standard width of sliding door cabinet24 inches2 feet610 mm
Standard Kitchen Sink One Bowl24″ × 18″ × 9″2′ X 1.5′ X 0.75′610 X 457 X 229 mm
Standard Kitchen Sink Two Bowl37″ × 18″ × 10″3.1′ X 1.5′ X 0.83′940 X 457 X 254 mm
Standard Kitchen Sink Three Bowl61″ × 20″ × 10″5′ X 1.67′ X 0.83′1550 X 508 X 254 mm
Standard kitchen sink clearance36″ one side, 18″ other side3′ one side, 1.5′ other side915 mm one side, 457 mm other side
Standard Kitchen Microwave Height from tabletop13″ – 18″1′ – 1.5′330 mm – 457 mm
Standard Kitchen Chimney Size24″ – 36″2′ – 3′600 mm to 900 mm
Standard Kitchen Chimney and stove separation26″ – 30″2.2′ – 2.5′660 mm to 750 mm
Standard size of modular kitchen

Standard Kitchen Countertop Height

The platform of kitchen or standard kitchen countertop height is important for efficiently working in a kitchen. The kitchen counter should be at such a height that one can easily cook on the stove.

The standard height of kitchen countertop is 32 inches to 35 inches. The kitchen platform height should be at such a height that one is able to work without any strain and difficulty. Thus kitchen countertop height should be adjusted according to the height and comfort of the individual using the kitchen.

Suppose the height of the human being using the kitchen is 6 feet then the kitchen countertop should be slightly elevated according to the comfort of the user. When the height of the user is less then the kitchen platform height should be decreased.

Standard Kitchen Countertop Height = 32 inches to 35 inches

As a rule of thumb, the ideal kitchen platform height is 4 inches below the height of the user’s elbow while standing.

The kitchen countertop in some cases is of different heights. One needs to have enough height for cooking food, preparation for food and for kneading dough, and other work. The height of the kitchen platform for this work is mentioned below.

PurposeHeight of CountertopUse of Platform
Preparation Counter34 inches (4″ below elbow)Cutting vegetable and food preparation
Cooking Counter32 inches (5″ below Elbow)Cooking food
Low level Counter30 inches (8″ below elbow)Kneading dough, meat cutting, etc.
Kitchen countertop height

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Standard Kitchen Wall Cabinet Height

The overhead kitchen cabinet should be placed at a certain suitable height so for easy workability and cooking. For cooking purposes you need free space and also there should be proper storage in your kitchen. Thus kitchen cabinet is installed at a height easily accessible for cooking and no stool is required.

The standard height of kitchen wall cabinet from the countertop is 2 feet or 24 inches or 600 mm. If the kitchen platform is 32 inches high then kitchen wall cabinet starts at 32 inches + 24 inches which is 56 inches.

The minimum distance between the overhead cabinet and the kitchen platform is 20 inches.

Standard Kitchen Wall cabinet height = 56 inches from floor or 24 inches from kitchen countertop

Standard Depth of Overhead Cabinets

The overhead kitchen cabinet should be deep enough to store at the same time it should not hinder cooking. Thus kitchen overhead cabinet should be 12 inches to 15 inches in depth for optimal storage. 12 to 15 inches deep overhead cabinet also ensures that the user doesn’t bang their head while cooking or preparing food.

The depth of the overhead cabinet above the refrigerator should be equal to the depth of the fridge for a clean elegant look. Generally, refrigerators are 24 inches deep thus overhead cabinet should also be 24 inches above the fridge.

Standard Depth of overhead cabinet = 12 – 15 inches

Standard Depth of Under Counter Cabinets

The kitchen platform is generally 600mm or 24 inches so are the under-counter cabinets. If the under-counter cabinet is extended to the fullest then it is best. But the size and depth of the under-counter cabinet can be reduced according to the need of the user.

Depth of under-counter cabinet = 24 inches or 600 mm

Standard Width of Upper and Lower Cabinets

Under counter, lower kitchen cabinet and upper wall cabinets width should be according to the user’s requirement. The standard width of lower and upper cabinets for double-door cabinets is 30 inches to 36 inches which is 3 feet wide. While the sliding panel door cabinets are 24 inches or 2 feet wide.

Width of lower cabinets should be according to the modular kitchen accessories and drawers. Width and depth of the cabinet should be user-friendly and convenient to the user.

Standard width for Double door cabinets = 30 inches to 36 inches wide

Standard width for sliding door cabinets = 24 inches to 2 feet wide

Standard Size of Kitchen Sink

Kitchen sink size is dependent on the number of family members or the number of utensils to wash at a time. For a larger family kitchen sink size can vary up to 61 inches in length and for a small kitchen, 18 inches sink is also available.

The standard width of the kitchen sink is 18″ to 20″ while the standard length of kitchen sink is 24″ to 36″. The standard depth of the kitchen sink is 10 inches and the thickness of kitchen sink is 2.5mm.

For general use of small families, the standard kitchen sink size is 24″ × 18″ × 9″ (L × W × D). For medium size family, two bowl kitchen sink is used whose size is 37″ × 18″ × 10″ (L × W × D). For large families, three bowl kitchen sink is used whose size is 61″ × 20″ × 10″ (L × W × D).

Standard kitchen sink width = 18″ to 20 inches

Standard kitchen sink length= 24″ to 36 inches

Standard kitchen sink depth = 10 inches

Standard kitchen sink thickness= 2.5 mm

Standard Kitchen Sink Clearance

Suitable clearance space for kitchen sink should be left for proper washing of the utensils. Empty space is required on both sides so that dirty utensil and washed utensils are kept on either side of the sink.

As per standard kitchen dimensions and size, standard sink clearance of 900 mm should be left on one side of the sink to keep dirty utensils. While 450 mm or 1.5 feet clear space on the other side of the sink for draining water from utensils or installing a draining board.

Standard kitchen sink clearance = 900mm on one side and 450mm on the other side

Standard Kitchen Refrigerator height

The refrigerator comes in different sizes according to the capacity of fridge. For small family small fridge and for large families bigger refrigerators are used. The width, depth, and height of the refrigerator vary from model to model.

One should note the dimension of the refrigerator before deciding the size of the kitchen platform and upper cabinet of fridge.

Standard Kitchen Dimension for Microwave

Microwaves in the kitchen should be placed at a suitable height for comfortable use. For efficient use of the microwave, it should be 13 to 18 inches higher than the kitchen countertop or tabletop.

Standard Kitchen Microwave Height = 13 to 18 inches from tabletop

Kitchen Golden Triangle

The main focus points in any kitchen are stove, sink, and refrigerators. The placement of these elements in a kitchen is important as it decides the convenience of work in kitchen. The sink, stove, and refrigerator should be so placed that it is user-friendly and facilitates easier working in kitchen.

Stove and refrigerator are placed opposite to each other and sink in the middle of the two. This makes a triangle with a stove, sink and fridge at each vertex. This triangle is called the “Golden Triangle” in a kitchen.

For optimal use of kitchen, the circumference of the golden triangle should not be more than 275 inches. The sink, stove, and refrigerator should be located within 4 feet to 9 feet of space.

Circumference of Golden Triangle = 275 inches

Sink, stove and Refrigeraotr inside distance = 4 ft to 9 feet

Standard Kitchen Chimney Size

Main function of kitchen chimney is to expel emissions from the kitchen during cooking. For optimal functioning, it is required to have a certain specific clearance between chimney and the stove.

The chimney is placed just above the stove or burner in the kitchen. A clear distance of 660mm to 750mm should be provided between the chimney and stove. The optimal separation space helps to keep the chimney in good working condition.

Standard Kitchen Chimney Size = 600mm to 900mm

Standard Kitchen Chimney and stove separation = 660mm to 750mm

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