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Labour Charges for Tiling and Flooring

If you want to get your home flooring and tiling done then you should know labour charges for tiling and flooring.

If you have not done this earlier and not aware about flooring and tiling charges then read this post.

Tile Fitting Labour Charges

Tiling and flooring charges for different types of marble, granite, ceramic and vitrified flooring is shown in the table given below. Skirting and platform making charges are also included in tile and flooring and its rate is also shared here.

Labour Charges for Tiling and Flooring
Tile/Stone ItemLabor Cost Range
Flooring25 Rs/Sq.ft to 30 Rs/Sq.ft
Skirting28 Rs/Rft
Wall Tile Dado30 Rs/Sq.ft
Kitchen Wall Tile32 Rs/Sq.ft
Granite Window Frame70 Rs/Rft
Kitchen Counter600 Rs/Rft to 750 Rs/Rft
Staircase (Granite Steps)300 Rs/per step
Granite Door Frame75 Rs/Rft
Bathroom Wall Tile30 Rs/Sq.ft
Kitchen Platform Rack(Kadappa Stone)1500 Rs/rack
Porch Wall Tile28 Rs/Sq.ft
Marble Flooring30 Rs/Sq.ft
Kota Stone30 Rs/Sq.ft
Paver Block25 Rs/Sq.ft

From the table give above one can do his or her flooring and tiling work at reasonable price. Having an idea about market rate of various work is utmost important before doing an work.

By having knowledge of floor and tiling work one can allocate budget accordingly so that work don’t get stop in between.

Labour Charges for Tiling and Flooring

When planning your home renovation or construction project, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of the labor costs associated with tiling and flooring. Labor charges can significantly impact your budget, and being informed about these costs helps you make well-informed decisions.

1. Flooring: 25 Rs/Sq.ft to 30 Rs/Sq.ft

Flooring forms the foundation of your living space. The labor cost for installing flooring materials can range from 25 Rs to 30 Rs per square foot. The actual cost may vary based on the type of flooring material you choose, the complexity of the installation, and your location.

2. Skirting: 28 Rs/Rft

Skirting adds a finishing touch to your walls and provides protection. Labor charges for skirting installation are typically around 28 Rs per linear foot.

3. Kitchen Wall Tile: 32 Rs/Sq.ft

Enhancing your kitchen with wall tiles can bring style and functionality. Labor costs for kitchen wall tile installation generally average around 32 Rs per square foot.

4. Granite Window Frame: 70 Rs/Rft

Granite window frames are not only durable but also aesthetically pleasing. Labor charges for granite window frame installation are typically around 70 Rs per linear foot.

5. Kitchen Counter: 600 Rs/Rft to 750 Rs/Rft

The kitchen counter is a central element in your culinary space. Labor costs for granite or other stone kitchen counters can vary, ranging from 600 Rs to 750 Rs per linear foot. The actual cost depends on the chosen material and design.

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6. Staircase (Granite Steps): 300 Rs/per step

Granite steps for staircases offer both durability and elegance. Labor charges for granite step installation are approximately 300 Rs per step.

7. Granite Door Frame: 75 Rs/Rft

Granite door frames are a statement of quality and sophistication. Labor costs for granite door frame installation are generally around 75 Rs per linear foot.

8. Bathroom Wall Tile: 30 Rs/Sq.ft

Elevate the look of your bathroom with wall tiles. Labor charges for bathroom wall tile installation are approximately 30 Rs per square foot.

9. Kitchen Platform Rack (Kadappa Stone): 1500 Rs/rack

Kadappa stone is a durable choice for kitchen racks. Labor charges for installing a Kadappa stone kitchen platform rack are typically 1500 Rs per rack.

10. Porch Wall Tile: 28 Rs/Sq.ft

Enhance the appeal of your porch with wall tiles. Labor costs for porch wall tile installation are around 28 Rs per square foot.

11. Marble Flooring: 30 Rs/Sq.ft

Marble flooring exudes luxury and elegance. Labor charges for marble flooring installation typically start at 30 Rs per square foot.

12. Kota Stone: 30 Rs/Sq.ft

Kota stone is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor flooring due to its durability. Labor costs for Kota stone installation are generally around 30 Rs per square foot.

13. Paver Block: 25 Rs/Sq.ft

Paver blocks can enhance your outdoor spaces. Labor charges for paver block installation come in at 25 Rs per square foot.

Final Verdict on Labour Charge for flooring

Knowledge of labor charges for tiling and flooring is essential for effective project planning. Whether you’re aiming for functionality, elegance, or a combination of both, understanding these costs will help you align your project with your budget and design goals. Consult with experienced professionals, obtain multiple quotes, and consider the quality of materials to achieve the best results for your renovation or construction project.

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