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Electrical Work Charges Labour And Material 2024 | Quotation For Electrical Work With Material

Electrical work is one of the most important work and also the most dangerous work if not done right. Knowing the current market rate for electrical work labour charges will save you hard-earned money.

Lighting and wiring can make or break your home so choose the best for electrical work. The latest charges for electrical work for specific work are shown below. If you have any doubts then comment below we will be more than happy to help you.

Electrical Work Charges Labour and Material

Cost of electrical work changes according to the quality and thickness of the wiring or circuit used. A rough estimate of electrical work is around Rs. 100 to Rs. 250 per square foot.

The cost of electrical work can vary based on location and type of material used. The gauge of wiring can change the material cost of electrical work greatly.

The cost of 2.5 sq.mm wiring is around Rs. 120 per point while cost of 4 sq.mm wiring is around Rs. 180 per point. You can see the difference is approximately 1.5 times that of 2.5 mm2 wiring.

For new electrical work general charge for electrical work is Rs. 750 per point. For replacing old switch and socket with a new one, then you have to pay Rs. 450 per point. The rate for electrical work is shown below.

Type of workRate per point
Rate for new electrical point750
Rate for replacing old switches and sockets450
Wiring cost 2.5 mm2120
Wiring cost 4 mm2180
Electrical work charges

Cost of electrical work with material and labour are shown in the table given below:

Type of workRate (Rs.)
Electrical Work – Labour and Material120
Electrical work labour only30
Electrical work material only90

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Material and labour charges for different types of electrical work are shown in the table given below.

Description of WorkLabour ChargesMaterial Charges
Primary light point250650
Secondary light point175400
Domestic light point375900
Half plug point150450
Full plug point250700
1.5 sq.mm circuit2040
2.5 sq.mm circuit2550
4 sq.mm circuit3060
Concealed light fitting125
Fan fitting130

Service Charge For Electrical Work

Often we get issues in our electrical wiring and need urgent repairing. The service charge for electrical work is shown below.

Type of workMinimum ChargesMaximum Charges
Visiting charges/ Inspection200500
Cost of wiring80000150000
Home renovation charges50000100000
Faulty wiring repairing5002000
Damaged switches repairing5002000
Geyser repairing5001500
Switchboard installation5002000
Light fixing5002000
Electrical tripping Issue5002000
Fuse repairing5002000
Inverter installation and uninstallation10001500
TV installation5002000
Other work5001000

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