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Construction Labour Rate List of Civil Work | Labour Charges and Rates For Building Work

Knowing labour charges and rates for building work is must for proper estimation of work. In this detailed post we have shared the rate list of different workers in building construction work.

From masons and carpenters to plumbers and electricians, each type of worker plays a crucial role in bringing architectural visions to life.

Construction Labour Rate List of Civil Work

Labour charges and rates for building work for different workers is shown in the table below. All types of labour that are employed in construction industry rate are shared here.

This table outlines the prevailing wage ranges for various skilled positions, offering insights into the minimum and maximum daily rates along with estimated monthly incomes.

Type of WorkerMinimum Daily Rate (₹)Maximum Daily Rate (₹)Estimated Monthly Income (₹)
Mason’s Helper₹350₹450₹12,600
Carpenter’s Helper₹400₹500₹14,000
Plumber’s Helper₹350₹500₹14,000
Painter’s Helper₹300₹400₹10,800
Tiler’s Helper₹350₹450₹12,600
Shuttering Carpenter₹400₹700₹19,600
Bar Bender₹450₹650₹18,900
Electrician’s Helper₹300₹500₹14,000
AC Technician₹600₹800₹22,400
AC Helper₹400₹500₹14,000
RCC Cutting Labour₹500₹700₹19,600
Earthwork Labour₹250₹400₹10,800
Construction Building Labour Rate Charges

Labour Charges and Rates For Building Work Of 1000 Sqft Area

Understanding how much it costs to have people work on building projects is really important. Different jobs like masonry, carpentry, and painting all have their own prices.

This information helps us figure out how much money is needed for these jobs. Here we have shared the complete list of labour rate for building works.

We have shared the list of labour rate for different work and category of work.

Construction Labour Rate List of Civil Work

Labour Rate of Building Work for different work on labour only is shown below. The price shown below for different work of building construction of 1000 sqft is shown below.

From excavation and concrete work to brickwork and plumbing, each task has a specific value attached to it.

Type of WorkSub-WorkPrice
ExcavationDigging for foundationsRs 20,000
Concrete WorkFoundations and slabsRs 30,000
BrickworkWalls and columnsRs 35,000
WaterproofingBasement and roofRs 15,000
PlasteringInternal and externalRs 25,000
FlooringTiles and stone flooringRs 20,000
PlumbingPipe fittingsRs 10,000
Septic TankInstallationRs 5,000
TotalRs 1,60,000

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Plumbing Labour Rate for Building Work

Plumbers work on essential pipe fittings, with labor charges ranging from Rs 10,000 to Rs 20,000.

Type of WorkSub-WorkPrice
Water SupplyPipes and tapsRs 5,000
TanksInstallationRs 3,000
DrainageWaste pipe connectionsRs 2,000
FixturesSinks, showers etcRs 2,000
TotalRs 12,000

Electrical Labour Rate for 1000 Sqft

Type of WorkSub-WorkPrice
WiringLighting and power pointsRs 5,000
SwitchesInstallationRs 2,000
MainsConnectionRs 3,000
LightsFans, lights fittingRs 2,000
TotalRs 12,000

Carpenter Labour Rate For 1000 sqft Building Work

Type of WorkSub-WorkPrice
Doors/WindowsWoodworkRs 10,000
CeilingFalse ceilingRs 5,000
FurnitureBeds, cabinets etcRs 10,000
HardwareHinges, locksRs 2,685
TotalRs 27,685

Steel Fabricator Labour Work 1000 sqft

Type of WorkSub-WorkPrice
GatesManual gatesRs 8,000
RailingsStair & balcony railingsRs 12,000
TotalRs 20,000

Tiling Contractor Labour Rate 1000 sqft Area

Type of WorkSub-WorkPrice
Wall TilesKitchen & BathroomRs 35,000
Floor TilesLiving Room & BedroomsRs 25,000
Borders & DecorativeAccent TilesRs 10,000
CountertopsKitchenRs 20,000
Wall CladdingBathroomRs 15,000
FlooringFoyer & StaircaseRs 25,000
TotalRs 1,30,000

Painting Labour Rate for 1000 sqft Home

Type of WorkSub-WorkPrice
Interior PaintWalls & CeilingRs 35,000
Exterior PaintFacadeRs 15,000
Texture PaintDecorative FinishesRs 10,000
PolishingDoors & WindowsRs 5,000
TotalRs 65,000

Civil Work Labour Rate

From foundational footings to intricate steel fabrications, each element holds a specific value in the overall construction process.

In this article, we delve into the detailed breakdown of labor rates for construction work, providing a comprehensive overview of the rates assigned to different units and components.

Labour Rate of Building Work per unit area is shown in the table below.

Labour Rate for Construction WorkUnitRate Per Unit
Plinth BeamsSqm145
Flat SlabSqm145
GF & FF Slope SlabSqm245
Making ChargesSqm70
Parapet Beam ShutteringRmt110
Steel FabricationsM.T6,500.00

Masonry Labour Rate in Construction

Skilled masons construct sturdy walls and columns, with labor charges as shown below.

Labour Rate for Construction WorkUnitRate Per Unit
Plinth BeamSqm150
Ground FloorSqm150
First FloorSqm170
Terrace FloorSqm190
Base Coarse markingFloor2,500

Plastering Labour Rate in Construction

Plastering professionals enhance aesthetics and durability of the structure. Below is the table showing the detailed rate per unit area of plastering work.

Labour Rate for Construction WorkUnitRate Per Unit
Ceiling (Flat)Sqm130
Ceiling (Slope)Sqm130
Internal Wall PlasteringSqm120
Rough Wall PlasteringSqm80
Stepped Staircase PlasteringSqm235
External PlasteringSqm180
Pergola PlasteringRmt350
Groove CuttingRmt20
Elevation BandRmt229.67
Drip MouldRmt30
Ele Pipe PackingFloor750
Mesh FixingRmt6
Level Pad FixingFloor1,500

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